Time Value of Money

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The Time Value of Money Concept

The time value of money is simply the idea that because of interest, the value of a cash flow received today (present value), is not equal to the value of the same cash flow received in the future (future value).

… money today is not the same as money tomorrow …

In order to be able to add cash flows from different time periods together, all the cash flows need to be brought together at the same time period. To do this we need to perform discounting or compounding operations.

The present value of a cash flow can be converted into a future value by compounding, and likewise, the future value of a cash flow can be converted to a present value by discounting.


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Tables are a common feature used in time value of money calculations, they provide a quick method of performing calculations without the need for a financial calculator. We provide downloadable tables in PDF format for the most common functions, including present value, future value, and annuity calculations.


Our simple to use, free to download, Excel calculators are available for each time value of money function, including PV, FV, IRR, NPV, and many others.

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